Colin's YouTube channel has had over 1.1 million views and 3,000 subscribers, with a core of Cornish based videos which have built up a strong west country following. His GTA parody 'Grand Theft Cornwall' recieved national press and on it's release reached a staggering 400,000 views in just 3 days. Colin also posts regular, and slightly more pun based, clips of his recent stand up gigs. See the 'Fun with Pun' page for those word play visual delights!

  1. Grand Theft Cornwall
    If the violent, testosterone filled video game was set in beautiful Cornwall. A man swaps his hunt for guns to finding the ultimate pasty.
  2. Star Wars - Cornish Edition
    As we all know, the original Star Wars trilogy was actually filmed in Cornwall....right?
  3. The Cornish Moon Landings
    Colin's take on the true story behind the first man on the moon.