Colin loves puns, loves them! Would he love them so much if he had been brought up differently? In a different time? In a parallel universe? Join him for another hour of stupidity; involving puns, songs, puns, some elaborate props and more puns. This could be the best show by Colin in this universe or any other...or is it?

'Leggo is wonderfully silly, bursting with optimism and character' - British Comedy Guide **** Broadway Baby **** British Comedy Guide **** Sick of the Fringe
Click on any of the videos below to see Colin 'Punstopable' Leggo in action. The videos include two episodes of Colin's YouTube series 'The Car Pun Game', during which him and a comedian drive around making jokes up from words on the radio. 
       The Car Pun Game                            Hosting at The Pun Run                         The Car Pun Game
 With Gemma Arrowsmith                                    Feb  2015                                         With Nick Helm